Art Souterrain, Montréal, 2013.

The Sleepers (2013)

‘The Sleepers’ is made from used material.  The clothes that you see are actual clothes from people that sleep on the street; they have been traded for new ones to make this piece.  The intention behind this act is to make a sculpture that builds-up a landmark on our memory of the intricate space of those endless journeys of the homeless.  Only objects of this sort are capable of achieving both a testimonial and a poetic quality for remembrance.

Most of my work as an artist delves on the reconstitution of a particular material into a specific time and place.  In the case of ‘The Sleepers’, I want to create a boundary, like a wall in a house.  But this wall is nothing but a boundary of doubt of an uncertainty of a presence.  I would strive to say that public space is full of such types of indeterminate boundaries, like the spaces of warmth and seclusion that serve to the comfort of sleep of the homeless.







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